For Patients

We love to provide care in the home. When your doctor sends you home, we're there to help with therapy, medications, diet and nutrition concerns, and daily living tasks. We're here so you don't worry about what is coming next

For Providers

Managed care is the future. We take your most at-risk patients and "manage the hell out of them". Contract for service or 'Per Patient Per Month' we have you covered. And we take the financial risk on our end so you know you have a partner with 'skin in the game'.

For Everyone

Healthcare is in a bubble. And it will pop when seniors needing chronic care flood the system in the next 10 years. Canexxia is the only one building a safety net.

What we do for patients

Canexxia is a full-service home healthcare company that helps you manage your medications, diet, exercise, and all of those confusing doctor instructions in the comfort of your own home. Canexxia is reinventing healthcare. To get this done we combine world-class customer service with technology to put the customer at the center of it all.

Technology Is A Force Multiplier

No. We're not a "tech company" We just use it to help you back to health.

Our in-facility nurses unlock additional per-diem rates, increase in-house staff efficiency as well as provide a continuum of care that extends beyond their discharge date. We help you meet CMS demands for EMR access, reduced re-admission rates, and help avoid complications due to post-op infections.

  • Your records in one place.

  • Track your patient progress.

  • Import and export patient data easily.

  • HIPAA Compliant, data warehousing and transfer

  • Connect with patients quickly.

  • Change, print, analyze records from one source

Simple chart management.

When you integrate world-class software with common-sense workflow, charting and compliance penalties are a rare bird indeed...