Our Mission

Canexxia is a platform for chronic care.

Millions of Baby Boomers get tests, treatments, and therapies using 1970's(!) protocols.

Canexxia takes the pain and frustration out of working with healthcare providers, giving our family better outcomes and a better life.

Meet Our Founding Team

Built on everything we learned from nearly 30 years in the trenches building businesses, Canexxia is a company focused on the future of Healthcare


Maceo Jourdan


Malton Schexnieder

Maceo Jourdan

  • Mr. Jourdan was founder, Chairman, and CEO of Retire3 Publishing (R3), a Phoenix-based publishing company. Mr. Jourdan started the company with a $25,00 loan and grew it to $26 million just 3 years later. At the time of his decision to exit, R3 had topline revenue of $48 million with a $420M valuation.

  • Since his exit from R3, Mr. Jourdan has launched products in CPG, publishing, and health care. He is directly responsible for creating over $80 million in market capitalization for his companies in the last five years.

  • Mr. Jourdan brings unique and exceptional post- transaction expertise as a result of his wide-ranging career as an algorithmic trader, digital marketer, and CEO.

Maceo Jourdan Founder

Malton Schexneider, PT, MMSc

EVP Therapaeutics

A world-renowned therapist, Malton has published nearly 50 studies, therapy courses and peer-reviewed papers.

In his 30-year career, Malton has taught at the University of Louisville, managed his own 300-person therapy clinic and developed cutting-edge pain reduction therapies in use today world-wide. The largest of it’s kind in the world, Malton’s practice was the go-to choice for the likes of Barry Manilow.

Malton is an experienced Healthcare executive with an MS in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and has Clinical Fellowships at the atlanta Back Clinic, Physical Therapy Associates, and the Gunderson Lutheran Sports Medicine Center.

Malton SchexneiderEVP Therapaeutics

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