Canexxia Business Overview

Technology Sized Returns in Healthcare?

Canexxia Health has identified an attractive consolidation opportunity in the home healthcare sector and is seeking to undertake a “roll-up” of home health agencies ation-wide.

Our agencies will offer a competitive range of modalities, including skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, home health aids, post-acute care, high-risk patient care, cardiovascular post-operative care, sleep studies, infusion therapy, and “age in place” services, with a focus on improving patient experience.

Our model gives administrators autonomy, clinical control, upside participation and income. We reward owners an attractive buy in multiple and upside through retained equity in Canexxia.

We do not compromise patient experience and, in fact, improve service levels and upstream provider's reimbursement model by improving specific risk factors unique to CMS' value-based care mandate.

Our team is expert in maximizing profits in the usual ways – streamlining operations and consolidating functions across the larger enterprise. But we also add a unique direct-to-patient,holistic care model to dramatically increase reimbursements and expand EBITDA margins.